Fish Farm at Miré

The Bigot Fish Farm is equipped with top quality vehicles and equipment.. They have at their disposal four specially kitted out trucks with tanks and oxygen to transport the fish in the best possible conditions. They also have all-terrain vehicles, boats and tractors.

The Fish Farm itself has around 20 concrete basins where the smaller species of fish are stocked and sorted prior to delivery. These include live baits, minnows, roach, small carp, tench and other fry.

Around the site and in a number of localities in the area the fish farm has a large number of earth bottomed stock ponds equipped with automatic feeders where various species of fish are reared including carp, catfish, grass carp, etc. These represent around 100 acres of water.

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The Fish Farm offers a complete range of Services:

  • Lake Management: Netting, “vidanges”
  • Large Carp: Lake Stockings and advice on fish stocks.
  • Coarse Fish: The fish farm supplies a wide range of coarse fish species, roach, carp, tench, zander, catfish, pike grass carp etc.
  • Live Baits : Minnows, Roach, Small Carp, Tench

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