Our Services:

  • Lake Netting with or without a vidange.
  • Stock check of exisiting fish prior to an evenual new stocking.
  • Removal of excess and nuissance fish
  • Removal and possible purchase of surplus silver fish.
  • Consultancy on lake stocking.



Lake Netting calls for specialist equipment and professional knowledge. The techniques while apparently simple are in fact complex and time consuming.

Bigot Pisciculture has years of experience in these techniques and is equipped with top class Seine Nets. These nets are long enough to net up to 500m in one single sweep. The nets are alos equipped with a specialist pocket to assmeble to the netted fish for sorting.

The wide experience of the company means they can undertake nettings on large or small lakes. With their state of the art equipment a vidange is not always necessary and lakes of up to 2.5m can be netted. On occasions however, it is necessary to lower the level of the lake without emptying it completely in order to sweep the net efficiently.

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