The Bigot Fish Farm has built up a solid reputation for its big carp. They have stocked a large number of commercial carp lakes in Northern and Central France with a top quality fish. The majority of the superb stock carp have been raised in the numerous stock lakes at the fish farm.

Once an order for stock fish is recieved the ponds are netted and the fish transported in specially equipped trucks. All the fish are handled with the utmost care. No pan nets or plastic basins are used. Fish are manipulated by hand and moved in weigh slings.

All the fish supplied by the Bigot fish farm are rigourously checked to maintain the very best quality of fish. The company supplies a large number of these stick carp annually ranging in weight from 12lb to over 40lbs.

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The Bigot Fish Farm has been specialising in Freshwater fish since 1981 and offers a wide range of species. These fish are supplied to a large number of lakes for restocking. Species include: Roach, Tench, Pike, Zander, Carp and Wels Catfish.

Zander in particular are a very delicate fish to raise and handle. The Bigot's are one of the few fish farms able to offer top quality fish in a number of sizes for your fishing lake.

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One of the activities of the fish farm is the supply of live baits for the numerous tackle shops in Central and Western France. The service offeredis both regular and reliable. The fish farm always has a large head of roach in stock, purchased during the numerous lake nettings undertaken during the year.

These fish are sorted and graded by size in order to provide consistant batches. All livebaits are available in a variety of sizes to satisfy the needs of all the Predator anglers be it for Pike, Zander or Perch.

Roach are not the only livebait supplied, there are also Roach and Tench, preferred by some anglers as they prove to hardier on the hook.

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